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South Africa is home to over are hundred of online casinos, all vying for your well earned cash and hoping you will choose them over one of their competition. For mnay choosing an online casino is very difficult because you cannot be 100% sure you are making the correct decision. Should you pick the casino that ranks at #1 in the search engine results? Should you look for a brand you recognize? Should you go for the one with the biggest bonus?

YeboYesCasino is your answer to all these questions. We know which casino online is genuine and offers bonuses that are fair. We know which are the best online casinos in terms of game selection, payment options and secure gaming.

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Welcome to YeboYesCasino, the #1 South African Online Casino and gambling guide with the best in online games, welcome bonuses and a variety of casino promotions. We are one of the most frequently used online casino guides in South Africa for 2019 and pride ourselves on providing the best online service for our customers. We review the most popular games and offer in-depth information regarding the latest games and big money recommendations. Our team here at YeboYesCasino have a wealth of experience in the online casino industry and can provide you with the best deals and the best insights to the online gaming markets. You will not be able to find these offers anywhere else in South Africa and the selection of online casino games we have for you are unrivalled. You can deposit real South African Rand (ZAR) and enjoy some of the welcome bonuses and offers we have for you here at YeboYesCasino. Your online safety is our number one priority and you can ensure that your information is completely safe and secure when you are using our online casino services.

Our online service is really unrivalled here in South Africa. We want to give our casino players a reliable online experience that they can trust and use again. We ensure that all information remains 100% secure and make sure that all players return feeling happy and fulfilled. We offer the latest and most recent offers to make sure that our players are getting as much value as possible for the online casino services they wish to use. Our South African Online Gambling users can ensure that here at YeboYesCasino, we try and make it an enjoyable experience with a number of platforms to do so. From online roulette to slots, every base is covered to make sure you have the upmost enjoyment from your time with us. We are a well recommended online casino and look to improve our online gambling service constantly.

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We have a range of online casino markets for our loyal South African customers and ensure that we are continuing to deliver the best offers and games that we can. Our excellent range of games and offers ensures that we remain at the top as we look to provide you with a life-changing amount of money.

So why choose us you may be asking yourself?

  • Our online casino guides and reviews are unrivalled here in South Africa
  • We have a friendly and experienced team on hand here at YeboYesCasino to answer any questions you may have.
  • The opportunity to win a life-changing sum of money is one that we can help guide you with here.
  • Our introduction offers are carefully picked out by our team to make sure that our most loyal customers are getting the best deal possible.
  • Customer security is our #1 priority; you can rely on us to ensure every single piece of information is safe here with us.

Our Latest Reviews

The Best Online Gambling Site in South Africa

We know how important your money is to you. We provide some real in depth reviews to the various affiliate online casino sites to provide you with enough information going into the site to make sure that you are 100% confident going in. Our team have over 12 years experience within the online gambling industry and know a reliable, trustworthy internet casino from a bad one. We are able to give you a comprehensive overview as to how each site works and the various gaming markets they provide. We search far and wide for the best offers before you head into the site to give you the best possible start when using the online service.


At YeboYesCasino, our experts take time to compile feature articles on a wide range of topics relevant to players from South Africa, that are not only a great read, but also point out the best online casinos to play at.

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Play here at YeboYesCasino for real money

Your money will remain 100% secure during the time you choose to use our online gambling service. We have a huge variety of trusted online casinos at your disposal and the chance to win big bucks using real South African Rand. We have a few demo options that you can choose to use if you feel like it and this will provide you with a feel of the game before you choose to go head first into it. Our comprehensive guides will help explain everything to you prior to using the games.

One of the most played online casino websites in South Africa

We have a very close working relationship with a number of online casino services to ensure that you are being provided with the best possible offers and the best possible gambling experience there is here in South Africa. We pick these online casinos out personally and have met the majority of senior directors personally to ensure the best deals for both you and ourselves. We are always looking for new opportunities to help enhance the internet gaming experience for our customers and it is something that we hold in very much high regard.

Gambling Online Responsibly

Making sure that you are gambling responsibly is one of our main priorities. We want our customers to be enjoying their experience when using the site and it is something that we cannot stress enough to you. If you ever feel that you need to take time out from the site, then do so. Our online casino services are designed so that you can have fun and potentially win big amounts of money. Our online gambling guides are also in place so that you can get a comprehensive understanding as to how you can try and play these internet casino games strategically. Here at YeboYesCasino, we want you to be making decisions regarding any bets you take that you think before you spend. We try and protect you as much as we can and we cannot reiterate enough that it is here for leisure purposes and should be enjoyed. If you are losing considerable amounts of money when gambling online and it is no longer fun, you should be looking elsewhere to make your money. If it is no longer fun, then stop.

How we ensure you use the best South African online casinos

  • The software - is it proven and is it independently tested? Can you expect new games regularly? Do they pay their progressive jackpots in full?
  • The operator - is it a reputable company or a fly by night operation in someone's garage?
  • Withdrawal times - we know what is a reasonable turnaround time for e-Wallets, credit cards, bank wire and checks. We often test it, especially with our top rates casinos. Nobody wants to wait forever for their cash. What's the point?
  • Fair bonuses - bonus money is great. Bonus money with ridiculous terms isn't. Too many casinos still market bonuses that are impossible to cash out. We weed them out.
  • The License - if you can't pronounce the country where the casino is licensed, you probably need to look somewhere else.

These are just some of the issues that we look for when testing sites. The bottom line is that we do the hard work for you.

WIN BIG on our Jackpots and Slot Machines

Here at YeboYesCasino, we offer a number of competitive online slot machine games for you; our loyal customers. We ensure you receive the best deals upfront to help you reach that jackpot figure you have been dreaming about. We have a number of welcome bonuses that can give you a head start on the websites and a number of gambling guides that can help you in the long run. We are constantly updating our jackpots and provide a live feed to give you an idea as to how much our SA customers are winning through our online casino services.

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Real Money Gambling in SA

The casinos that we work alongside here at YeboYesCasino are online gambling platforms that you can trust. We ensure that all of your information remains secure throughout your time on our site. We know that there are online gambling platforms out there that look to fleece its customers but we ensure that every casino we work with is one that not only we can trust but you can too. Building a proud reputation is what YeboYesCasino is built upon and we couldn't think of anything worse than letting down the customers that put their real money in our trust. We believe the information we provide is content that you can take away and apply to your game.

Play some of your favourite online casino games right here

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      Little Britain

    • Little Britain

      If you are a fan of the nutty TV series you will love this slot machine game from the get go.
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    • Featured

      Craps (Playtech)

    • Craps (Playtech)

      Super realistic game play. Oversized dice and roll history. Offers "buy" and "lay" bets.
    • Play now

    • Featured

      Gold Rally

    • Gold Rally

      Gold Rally has been the favourite of most Playtech fans since it launch. This progressive slot has made was hit for R65 Million.
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Trending Mobile Casinos in SA

Here at YeboYesCasino, we have a number of mobile casino options to allow for you to play on the move. We have established ourselves as one of the leading online casino guides in South Africa and with a number of internet online gambling services moving to mobile devices, it reaches out to a much wider audience. These mobile games come in a variety of ways; from roulette to online slot games, there is something for everyone and the team here at YeboYesCasino have put together a number of guides to help you understand mobile gambling. There are an increasing amount of mobile opportunities to win big and take your chance at winning the jackpot.

We take pride in our online casino options here at YeboYesCasino

There are many sites like ours that are run by people who think they can make a quick buck off South Africans. Many of them are legit but unfortunately there are just too many that will recommend any sites that pay them good money without worrying about your experience. We know what South African casino fans expect and make sure that we recommend casinos that will live up to your expectations. We have advised numerous online casinos on how to best customize their products and promotions so that you, the player, can ultimately benefit from our local expertise.

Online Casino Gambling FAQ

We have received a number of questions regarding various online casinos and our team here at YeboYesCasino are on hand to answer them. We understand you may be slightly held back if you haven't used an online gambling service before but we can assure you that you are in the best hands and we can help you.

Is my money safe on these online casino websites?

Yes. We ensure here at YeboYesCasino that we only choose to work with the most secure and the most trustworthy casinos in South Africa. We maintain an extremely close relationship with these casinos and have met the majority of their key directors in person. We have systems in place that make sure your money is completely secure and the latest encryption technology in place to ensure that no information is leaked to where it shouldn't be.

Do I have to gamble with real money?

Not at all. We have a number of casino games that mean that you can either play for fun or get practice in before moving to real money games. We want you to feel as if you are fully prepared before going into betting with real money. The games are there for fun and if you feel like you wouldn't be having fun playing with your real money, then you shouldn't.

Can I play online from my mobile device?

Yes. We work with a number of casinos that provide online games across a number of platforms. Many casinos are now choosing to use mobile platforms as their main method of gaming with many people now using their phones as a pose to their computer. We work with casinos that pride themselves on a quality service and you can ensure if you are using your mobile device to gamble, it works just as well as playing from your computer. You can ensure a seamless playing experience whatever device you choose to play from.

How do I deposit funds to my online casino account?

The casinos we work with provide a number of secure payment methods for the customer. Nearly all of the casinos will offer a welcome bonus when you sign up and by clicking onto this option when you visit the site, it will direct you to the sign-up page. From here, once you have signed up, the money should then be sent to your account and with most, you should be able to begin playing almost instantly.

Are all of the online games on your site fair?

All of the games are powered by the latest in gaming technology and the numbers produced are dealt out at random. We try to create as realistic of a gaming experience as we can for our customers and pride ourselves in being a trustworthy and reliable online casino service.