Mac Casinos

Online casino downloads used to be mainly available for Windows operating systems, but this has changed dramatically. These days, customers using all the Apple devices: iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, desktop Macs, etc have almost unlimited choices. We recommend the best online casino for Mac and iOS users.

What's Different?

All Apple devices run on a completely different operating system than the more abundant Windows based devices. That means that downloadable casino games are just not an option for you as a Mac or an iOS user. But, as the quality of browser based casino games improves, more and more operators are turning to the option of instant play games, which is very good news.

Most of the no download games use Flash, technology that runs perfectly on Macintosh computers and iOS devices. (Only a handful of instant play games run on Java, and those are still incompatible with Mac and iOS). In nowadays, part of the casino developers are honoring all Mac and iOS fans in South Africa and have decided to develop software downloads that are compatible with their devices, letting them enjoy the games whichever way they prefer.

Choosing a Mac Casino

At the very beginning, it's important to check how many of the offered games are available in instant play format. The more Flash based games the casino has to offer, that much better the news for you. The next step is to sign up as a member of said casino, but before you commit, double check the compatibility with the Apple operating systems. Check if the FAQ section mentions anything related to this topic, and if you're still not sure, contact the customer support to verify. Afterwards, you only need to look at the casino as you would any other – see if the offered games, jackpots and bonuses offered appeal to you, and whether that is the casino where you would like to entrust your Rands.

Most Popular Games for Mac and iOS Users

After you've found a casino you'd like to play at, make sure that you have the latest update for Flash. At this point, you are ready to play most casino games. The most dominate casino game for Mac and iOS users is slots, which is the most abundant game on almost every casino website. Other popular games for users of Apple devices include: card games, table games (blackjack and roulette), video poker, as well as games like war and sic bo. Demand is also growing for games that enable you to win enormous jackpots, such as poker and progressive slots. But, please be advised that even in the case of games in the Flash format, part of the games, such as: Keno, European roulette and scratch cards may not be playable on iOS or Mac devices.