New Online Casinos South Africa

In order to make your choice of an online casino easier, our experts have been testing the newest options in internet gambling. Almost every person is hesitant when it comes to signing up with an online casino that is new or unknown. That would mean putting your Rands and your personal details on the line. Furthermore, because of the popularity of online gambling games, online casinos come and go on the Internet all the time...

If you choose one of the new SA online casinos listed below, you can be definitely sure that your gaming experience will be great. Our expert testers have confirmed that these casinos rate very high when it comes to: first rate software, bonuses and jackpots and customer support service.

New Online Casinos

New SA Internet Casinos

New internet casinos are opening up in South Africa all the time. Every time a new opening is announced, it sounds more exciting and glamorous than ever. But this is not enough. A great number of these casinos don’t offer much more than the flashy exterior of “the newest online casino in South Africa.” And it takes much more than an announcement to guarantee that a casino will be one of the hand full that really make it big in the end. Now, we’ve analyzed all the new players in the field, deeper than the flashy exterior and we know what they can realistically offer you. If you live in South Africa, check out the free guide to the best online casinos in the country. Here is where you’ll find the newest and best online casinos.

How We Chose

How were the criteria set for rating the new online casinos in South Africa? In order to test the treatment of its members, we went through the same steps and experiences as members do. For every casino that is rated, our experts signed up, chose a payment method, tested the security, played all the games and contacted the customer support service. We did everything you will do when you join a new online casino in South Africa. Afterwards we appointed a score to each category, calculated them together and thus came up with a ranking system for the casinos.

Casino Ratings

Games - Almost every player first takes a look at the quality and variety of the games. Naturally that’s where we started the process. The casinos we rated as best have a huge selection of the most popular games: video poker, slots and table games. Each online casino has an enormous collection - as many as 400-500 titles, which are updated on regular bases.

Software - When it comes to software, user friendly design of the games is an essential component. The online casinos we chose use sophisticated software, making the games easy and simple, but at the same time fun and challenging to play.

Sign-up - Once again, we were aiming for easy, fast and convenient way of sign-up, but at the same time a secure procedure that will get you quickly to the point where you want to get - playing and enjoying great games.

Payments and Withdrawals - When it comes to depositing money into your casino account, the process should be simple, with a number of payment options. The casinos we’ve picked offer a variety of deposit methods. Withdrawals should be just as uncomplicated. Payout times by our top picks were very speedy.