Debit Card

Debit cards were invented in the 1970s, when they were issued only to good standing long term bank clients. These cards, back in the day, were a kind of a promise to pay, very similar to personal checks. Decades later, debit cards are one of the most popular methods of non-cash payments, both physically and online. Worldwide accepted debit cards are issued by the two largest credit card companies, MasterCard and Visa, while other debit cards are accepted in limited areas. Debit cards are among the favorite payment methods of online casino players due to the simplicity of use and the ability to fully control the amount that you spend.

Best Online Casinos That Accept Debit cards

About Debit Cards

Basically, there are 2 types of debit cards. One of them is the card that is linked to your personal bank account and allows Rands to be transferred almost instantaneously to an online casino or a merchant of your choosing. This is an excellent method for direct, physical sales. When it comes to an internet purchase or a deposit to an online casino, the number of the card, along with the transaction amount are submitted for approval by the bank. If approved, the amount is deducted from your bank account and credited to your casino account.

The other type of debit card is the so called prepaid card (reloadable cash card), which is also very easy to use. When you want to deposit money into a casino from a prepaid debit card, the amount of the transaction is deducted from the credit on the card and transferred into your casino account.

Note that both types of debit cards have a built-in limit, and that limit is either the current balance in your bank account or the credit on the prepaid debit card.

South Africa Debit Card Casinos

Almost every online casino worldwide accepts debit cards – and South African online casinos are no different. This is due to the fact that payments are almost instant and fully guaranteed. Very often, online casinos permit debit cards to be used for withdrawals (as well as deposits). In such cases, the amount you wish to withdraw is either transferred to your bank account or credited to the reloadable debit card.

Advantages of Debit Cards

When you want to play your favorite casino games from the comfort of your home (or any other location), a casino that accepts debit cards comes as a big plus. These cards are very convenient and extremely easy to use – they allow for funds to be expressly transferred into your casino account, so that you may start your gaming without delay.

Furthermore, because the funds that you wish to deposit are immediately deducted from your account or card, unlike credit cards, you can easily keep track of the funds available, so that you won’t spend money that you don’t have.