EcoCard was established in 1998, as part of Com Tec Co Group. The company’s headquarters is in Luxemburg. Its most successful product is EcoCard, an online payment service that is present in most European countries, as well as in South Africa. This service provides flexibility and broad acceptance of a credit card, while increasing security and privacy online. It consists of several different products related with one another: the Eco Account, the EcoCard card, the EcoVirtualcard, the EcoPayz Business Account and the EcoPayz Merchant Account. The Eco account and cards are intended for the private users, while the new EcoPayz accounts are a step forward for online businesses. No matter which card you use, it is very easy to load with cash, make deposits into your online casino account and have total control over your finances from any internet device you use, whether that may be a computer, iPhone, iPad or Android. The EcoPayz apps that let you manage your account are available for download in both the AppStore and GooglePlay Store.

Best Online Casinos That Support EcoPayz

About EcoPayz

Even after the big rebranding in 2013, the EcoCard remains the most popular and most used product of the now EcoPayz company. All you need to do in order to sign up for an EcoCard is to go to their website. It’s very simple, relatively quick and free of charge. First you select your currency from the list of 27 available - Rands are included. For depositing funds into your new EcoCard, you can use a debit or credit card for instant deposits, or make a wire transfer that may take up to a few days. Once there are funds in the card, you may use it for purchases at all affiliated merchants on the internet, including most online casinos in South Africa. For withdrawals, you can use an ATM card to take out cash or transfer an amount to a credit or debit card. Note that deposits as well as withdrawals are subject to service charges, at low and competitive rates.

EcoPayz Casinos

Like any other debit card, EcoCard is widely accepted at online casinos in South Africa. Casino managers like the fact that it’s a prepaid card, which does not carry with it none of the problems with insufficient funds or chargebacks associated with checks or credit cards. In order to use the EcoCard in an online casino, go to the cashier section and indicate that it’s your selected method of payment. The good news is that withdrawals can also be processed through your EcoCard, so you can manage all casino transactions via one card. You can also use the EcoVirtualcard, which works directly with your EcoAccount and allows you to securely pay for an online casino deposit, online or over the phone, wherever MasterCard is accepted. It is a one-use payment method that expires after you have activated a payment, which means that it can’t be stolen and data from it can’t be misused by a third party.

Advantages of EcoPayz

Both EcoCard and EcoVirtualcard are very easy to obtain. There is no need for credit checks, and there are no registration or users fees. The level of security is drastically increased, seeing as it’s not necessary to disclose personal or financial information to online casinos or other merchants. Furthermore, using the EcoVirtualcard allows for single use, obtaining a new “card” (just a few clicks away) every time you wish to deposit funds. Having a bank checking account or a credit card is not a condition for using these services. It is very easy to monitor all spending with EcoPayz products, it’s impossible to accumulate any debt, because you can only use money that is already in your EcoPayz account. The option to use EcoCard for both deposits and withdrawals is a big plus, as is the availability of Rands transactions.