EntroPay is an online payment system that combines the very best features of other online payment systems. Some describe it as a virtual prepaid Visa card, which means that you can use it as a credit card and it is accepted by virtually every e-business that accepts standard Visa cards. It doesn’t take the physical form of a traditional card and is prepaid by loading cash prior to a purchase or deposit into an online casino. All transactions are protected by a 128 bit encryption, and security is increased by the fact that you don’t have to disclose any sort of financial data to an online casino. All in all, you are looking at very reliable payment method, accepted by most online casinos in South Africa. EntroPay virtual Visa card is issued by the Bank of Valletta and regulated by the UK Financial Service Authority.

Best Online Casinos Offering EntroPay

About EntroPay

From the moment you register for using EntroPay it becomes obvious that it’s uniquely convenient. The registration process has been simplified to the point where you need to complete just 3 quick steps: entering a few personal details, choosing a credit card you will use to transfer funds into the EntroPay virtual Visa card and confirm the amount you will load into the card upon registration. After confirming all these details, the card will be approved for use. Any time you want to make an online payment or casino deposit with the EntroPay virtual Visa card, you can access the card details on your computer or smartphone. Online payments are very simple via this method and you can make them in Rands, and a variety of other currencies.

EntroPay Casinos

EntroPay prepaid cards are considered a part of the Visa system and as such are extremely easy to use, and accepted by all online casinos that are partnered with Visa. Casinos are assured by the Visa brand, and you can be assured that none of your personal details will be revealed. Most online casino players can appreciate the discretion. EntroPay is also very convenient in the sense that you can also make withdrawals via this payment method.

Advantages of EntroPay

Any person using a payment method on the internet is mostly concerned with security and discretion. Online gamblers are not an exception. But all concerns are nullified with EntroPay prepaid virtual Visa card. No financial or credit card data is ever passed on to any online casino or other e-businesses. On the other hand, this payment method is widely accepted and very simple to use. Deposits to your online casino account are made almost instantaneously. EntroPay services have very competitive charge rates, with no additional interest or annual fees.