Wire Transfer

The first ever long distance transfer of funds was made in the 19th century via telegraph, and thus the process became known as wire transfer, because of the wires of the telegraph system. The most famous company providing wire transfers today is Western Union (which since 2006 is their main occupation, after they completely stopped offering telegraph services). A large number of banks also offer wire transfers which in the digital age are naturally carried over a computer network rather than by wire. Bank wire transfers are among the most secure means for online deposits and payments, seeing as no financial or personal data are disclosed to the online casinos or merchants. South African online casino players may use wire transfers to deposit money into their casino accounts.

Best Online Casinos Offering Wire Transfer

About Wire Transfer

Wire transfers carried by Western Union are probably the simplest. No bank account or credit cards are required. All you need is an official ID and the sum you wish to transfer, plus the transaction fees. The transfer can be made from any local agent of Western Union Money Transfer. Before the money is sent, you’ll only need to complete the short form with details of the recipient. Bank wire transfers can be made from a bank that offers such transfers. You need to have an account with the bank and sufficient funds to complete the transfer. Bank wire transfers can be made in person or by taking advantage of online banking systems. Recipients of the funds, including online casinos, may not receive them for a few hours or even a few days after the transfer is made, although money is deducted from your bank account immediately.

Wire Transfer Casinos

A large number of South African online casinos accept wire transfers. It is quite a reliable and secure method, with a tiny percentage of cashbacks. At the same time, wire transfers are one of the simplest and most convenient methods of paying out withdrawals to casino big winners. Most casinos offer alternative payment bonuses to playerss who choose to deposit money into their casino account via wire transfer or bank wire. A huge plus of wire transfer is the fact that they can be used for depositing huge sums of money, upwards of 200,000 Rands.

Advantages of Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is a reliable and secure method of making a casino deposit or online purchase without revealing any financial data to the recipient of the funds. You can keep track of the exact amount you’re spending. Online deposits, payments or withdrawals made via this method do not require a credit card, and unlike other remote payment methods, you may make deposits of large sums of money via wire transfers.